Jawaharlal Nehru Sahakari Agricultural P Blog http://www.jawaharcorp.com/blog/ Latest Products Fri, 08 Dec 2023 05:10:59 +0530 en-us http://www.jawaharcorp.com SOOT MILL REQ LIST 2 http://www.jawaharcorp.com/blog/soot-mill-req-list-2_5966.htm Tue, 19 Apr 2016 17:56:03 +0530     Statement of Comber Department Sr#. Item_Code Item_Name Qty Rate 1 COM25009 SPRING POS-77  60080001 36.00   2 COM25017 CM-SPRING FOR DETACHING ROLLERS 80080051 10.00   3 COM25021 TG-SHAFT F.DRIVING CALENDER LHS D=49.5 80031985 1.00   4 COM25022 SPACER (TG) 80073243 1.00   5 COM25025 PLAQUE (TG) 80081134 4.00   6 COM25028 SPRING (TG) 80080112 12.00   7 COM25029 PLAQUE (TG) 80081133 4.00   8 COM25030 SPRING (TG) 80032740 6.00   9 COM25031 SHAFT 80032005 2.00   10 COM25032 SHAFT (TG) 80032005 1.00   11 COM25034 CM-SPLINDED ROLLER DIAM.28 RT C180 80030830 1.00   12 COM25035 ROLLER IST ROW - DIA 28 RT C180 2ND S 80030840 1.00   13 COM25037 SH-TG 2/3 BOTTOM ROLLER 180 LHS HEAD 60030853 1.00   14 COM25038 ROLLER R.H. 4TH D32  80030850 1.00   15 COM25039 ROLLER L.H. 4TH  80030860  D-32 1.00   16 COM25040 ROLLER -180/2ND -DIA 30  80030986 2.00   17 COM25044 PHOTO CELL OLS 120B 210(TX) 080.544.726 2.00   18 COM25049 CM-FLUTED DETACHING ROLLER D.25 (80030070) 2.00   19 COM25050 CM-FLUTED DETACHING ROLLER D.25 (80030061) 2.00   20 COM25051 CM-FLUTED DETACHING ROLLER D.25 (80030063) 2.00   21 COM25052 CM-FLUTED DETACHING ROLLER D.25 RHS (80030071) 2.00   22 COM25053 CM-FLUTED DETACHING ROLLER D.25 LHS (80030064) 2.00   23 COM25054 CM-FLUTED DETACHING ROLLER D.25 LEFT (80030062) 2.00   24 COM25056 CM-TOOTHED PINION Z-28 (80053006) 2.00   25 COM25057 CM-GROOVED ROLLER (80030001) 2.00   26 COM25058 NIPPERS FEEDING ROLLER UNIT POS-94 40903111 8.00   27 COM25059 CM-SPINED CYLINDER DIM 22 LH (80030034) 2.00   28 COM25060 CM-SPLIND CYLINDER RHS D.22 L 384.5 (80030035) 2.00   29 COM25077 SPRING D-3.2/33 H-80,5 POS 40 80080009 32.00   30 COM25081 CMZ 68 RC PU 16 N 2001 80549494 1.00   31 COM25091 SUPPORT POS 32 80026003 page 8.00   32 COM25092 BEARING RING IR 40X45X20 POS 34 80534906 4.00   33 COM25093 ECCENRIC POS 35 80037013 4.00   34 COM25117 GEAR Z=25 POS 56 CODE NO.80053035 35.00   35 COM25118 GEAR Z=28 POS 93 CODE NO.80051001 56.00   36 COM25123 NIPPERS WEB GUIDE POS 53 80111001 5.00   37 COM25138 FORK POS 42 80081007 16.00   38 COM25139 L.H.CAM 1 POS 29 60074067 6.00   39 COM25140 R.G.CAM 1 POS 30 60074068 6.00   40 COM25143 PIN D=10 L=55 POS 39 80033072 26.00   41 COM25144 SPRING POS 64 80080021 16.00   42 COM25145 PIN POS-23 80033056 16.00   43 COM25146 SPACER D=10/15X10 POS 24 80073075 16.00   44 COM25155 GUIDAVELO 53514602479 6.00   45 COM25156 FORK FORCELLA 54614602124 16.00   46 COM25161 PERNO PIVOT 58714602019 10.00   47 COM25162 PERNO D.12 58714602017 10.00   Statement of Cone Winding Department Sr#. Item_Code Item_Name Qty Rate 1 COW13002 STOP MOTION BOX 4   2 COW13004 SPROCKET GEAR 20T WITH STUD 2   3 COW13007 RATCHET BAR PIN 45   4 COW13008 SLUB CATCHER 8   5 COW13009 RATCHET BAR 37   6 COW13010 RUBBER RING 9 X 15 284   7 COW13015 LEVER PIN A-1-207 29   8 COW13022 CHECK NUT WITH TOPERD 21   9 COW13023 CONE HOLDER SPRING 70   10 COW13024 CAM ROLLER A-1-306 4   11 COW13025 C.I.STOP MOTION BRACKET 5   12 COW13027 BRACKET T-101 15   13 COW13032 BOBBIN PEG TOP C-203 4   14 COW13035 ALLEN SCREW 3" 50   15 COW13036 TENSION DEVICE 10   16 COW13038 STOP LEVER A - 1-101 20   17 COW13039 HOLDER STAND -II 101 7   18 COW13040 GREEPING RING 5.57" 140   19 COW13042 LEVER PIN II-203 21   20 COW13044 BRACKET BA-101 13   21 COW13045 SWITCH LEVER 5.101 19   22 COW13046 CIRCLIP (YARN GUIDE) 40   23 COW13047 TENSION CAP 90   24 COW13048 SLUB CATCHER NUT WITH BOLT 25   25 COW13049 HEX HEAD BOLT & WASHER 5/16"X75 5   26 COW13052 BUSH+WASHER(COLLAR) 14   27 COW13058 PULLY BRAKET 2   28 COW13060 COUPLING DRUM SHAFT D 101 2   29 COW13061 MAIN LEVER STUD A-201 6   30 COW13062 SUB BRAKET 2   31 COW13063 ARM E-103 LH 3   32 COW13064 SHAFT E-207 15   33 COW13065 BEARING CAP DH 4-103 R.H. 1   34 COW13066 RUBBER SOCKET 497   35 COW13069 C.I.SQUIRE PATTI 49   36 COW13072 NUT BOLT WITH WISHER S/10X25 38   37 COW13090 STOPPING HOOK A-1 304 35   38 COW13092 PUSH BOTTON 883431171 6   39 COW13093 COVER 11   40 COW13100 BELT 2300  (441080) 1   41 COW13105 TENSION SPRING LONG 2   42 COW13108 CONE HOLDER 5.57` BUSH 10   43 COW13110 CAM PLATE  BH-306 LOYAL MAKE 14   Statement of D.G.Department Sr#. Item_Code Item_Name Qty Rate 1 DIG18003 RING RECTRANGULER SEALING K.6 12   2 DIG18014 HOSE KS AS0604000SSK7 7   3 DIG18037 GASKET CAT.NO. 201048 4   4 DIG18043 P.H. CONTROLLER 3874484 K7 2   5 DIG18065 THERMOSTAT P.NO. 135675 4   6 DIG18097 G.I.SOCKET OF DIFFERENT SIZES 2   7 DIG18104 SEAL O RING CAT.NO. 3037537KO 3   8 DIG18119 GASKET PART NO.3014449 12   9 DIG18121 SHIELD HEAT PART NO.3175595K1 6   Statement of Doubling Department Sr#. Item_Code Item_Name Qty Rate 1 DBL11001 BELT NYLON 1600X35mm 19.00   2 DBL11006 ROR SPIVE 2 FLANGE (R/T) 5.00   3 DBL11007 ROR SPIVE 250ms SIZE 5.00   4 DBL11008 ROR SPIVE 2 FLANG SIZE 200 4.00   5 DBL11009 ROR SPIVE 2 FLANG SIZE 1 50ms 4.00   6 DBL11011 LEPADES WET 2 3/8" 29.00   7 DBL11013 SPINDLE WITH BOLISTER 19.00   8 DBL11014 BRACKET SUPER DOUBLER 14.00   9 DBL11016 SUPER GEAR 34 T 1.00   10 DBL11023 DOUBLING ALU.SEPERATOR 35.00   11 DBL11024 DELIVERY ROLLER ASSEMBLY 117 7/0079169/0 2.00     Statement of Draw Frame Department Sr#. Item_Code Item_Name Qty Rate 1 DRF05002 SPACING WASHER 8.00   2 DRF05010 PIN 13.06 5.00   3 DRF05011 INSULATING BUSH 29.00   4 DRF05012 CIRCLIP B 72 4.00   5 DRF05014 PRESSURE SPRING 1.6X19.8X104 3.00   6 DRF05015 CONDENSOR DM 4.5 CAT.NO.08077 5/0304637/4 13.00   7 DRF05019 NUT 4/03 TO 435/0 14.00   8 DRF05034 PRESSURE SPRING 2.3X12.3X18 4/0300999/8 84.00   9 DRF05038 LATCH 5/0150935/0 SOOT MILL MATERIAL REQUIRED http://www.jawaharcorp.com/blog/soot-mill-material-required_5997.htm Wed, 04 May 2016 17:37:01 +0530 WALK IN INTERVIEW http://www.jawaharcorp.com/blog/walk-in-interview_6021.htm Thu, 26 May 2016 16:42:58 +0530 Jawahar Lal Nehru Sahakari Agricultural Produce Processing Society Ltd. (Sugar Mill Unit), Serverdeola, PO-Borawan, District-Khargone. (MP). Web site: www.jawaharcorp.com, E-mail ID: ceojlnsugar@gmail.com, Phone -07282 277718, 09165 675572 WALK IN INTERVIEW 20.5.2016 We are looking for dynamic and result oriented candidates for the following positions for our 2500 TCD Sugar Mill Unit. The qualification & experience for the require post are as- 1. Cane Manager (HOD Cane) B.Sc(Ag) OR M.Sc(Ag) + Computer Knowledge 10 years as CM (HOD Cane) for B. Sc (Ag) OR 5 years as CM (HOD Cane) for M. Sc (Ag). 2. ETP cum Special Analyses Chemist B. Sc (PCM) + Computer Knowledge 5 years as ETP Chemist OR 3 yrs as special analyses chemist 3. Draughtsman cum Tracer ITI (Draughtsman) + Auto cad + Computer Knowledge 5 years as Draughtsman Terms and Conditions: 1. Interested candidate are require to send their bio-data through E - mail ceojlnsugar@gmail.com OR by speed post at our factory address on or before dated 2 JUNE , 2016. 2. Candidates having excellent and result oriented experience in a 2500 TCD sugar plant. 3. This engagement is purely contractual and the selected candidates will have no claim for regular appointment. 4. No TA/DA will be paid for attending interview. 5. Mere fulfilling the essential qualification/experience does not guarantee for selection. 6. Crucial date for determining age limit will be the date of selection. 7. The engagement will be governed by the standard terms and conditions as per the Society rules applicable from time to time. 8. The candidates may present themselves along with application on plain paper with passport size photograph, attested copies of educational qualifications and experience etc. The candidates are also required to bring their original certificates and testimonials for verification at the time of selection process which will be through verification of testimonials and written test if required. 9. Selection Committee reserves the full right to reject or accept any application without assigning any reason. 10. The Management reserves the right to Alter/enhance/change any of the conditions without any prior notice or ground. 11. Age limit as per service rules, upper age limit may be relaxed if found with suitable working experience. 12. Candidates for the post of Cane Manager must be having the experience of cane development, cane marketing and administrative experience as cane HOD. (ARUN KUMAR BHATI) Chief Executive Officer TENDER OFF SEASON REQUIREMENTS http://www.jawaharcorp.com/blog/tender-off-season-requirements_6057.htm Mon, 06 Jun 2016 16:36:47 +0530 TENDER OFF SEASON REQUIREMENTS http://www.jawaharcorp.com/blog/tender-off-season-requirements_6058.htm Mon, 06 Jun 2016 17:09:39 +0530 MOLASSES TENDER FORM http://www.jawaharcorp.com/blog/molasses-tender-form_6160.htm Sat, 16 Jul 2016 14:56:20 +0530 BOUNDARY WALL TENDER FORM http://www.jawaharcorp.com/blog/boundary-wall-tender-form_6259.htm Sat, 08 Oct 2016 16:09:30 +0530 JAWAHARLAL NEHRU SAHAKARI AGRICULTURAL PRODUCE PROCESSING SOCIETY LTD.  SUGAR FACTORY UNIT, VILLAGE- SARVAR DEOLA, DISTT-KHARGONE(M.P.)-451228         FORM -A PERCENTAGE RATE TENDER AND CONTRACT FOR WORKS  TENDER FOR WORKS             I/We hereby tender for the execution, for  the JLN Sugar Mill Sarvardevla of the work specified in the under written memorandum within the time specified in such memorandum a(in figures) ……………………………………………… (in words) ………………………………………. Percent below/ above or at SOR the rates entered in the schedule mentioned in rule 1 and in accordance in all respects with the specification, designs, drawings and instructions in writing referred to in rule 1 there of and in annexed conditions, and with such materials as pare provided for, by and in all other aspects in accordance with such condition as for as applicable . MEMORANDUM Name of work –            Construction of Boundary wall at JAWAHARLAL NEHRU SAHAKARI                 GRICULTURAL PRODUCE PROCESSING SOCIETY LTD. SUGAR FACTORY                 UNIT, VILLAGE- SARVAR DEOLA, DISTT-KHARGONE(M.P.)-                                 b)           Cost or work put to tender         -              29.50 lacs                                 c)            Earnest money -                                              50.000/-                                 d)           Security deposit ( including earnest money) as per rules.                                 e)            Percentage , if any to be deducted form Bills for income tax and comr.                                                 Tax. As per rules f)            Time allowed for the work from date of written order to commence 2 Months  15 days  including rainy season . Should this tender be accepted,I/we hereby agree to abide by and fulfill all terms and provision of the   said condition of the contract annexed here to as for as applicable or in default ,therefore to forfeit and to pay the society or his successors in office the sums of money mentioned in the conditions, A separate sealed cover duly superscripted containing the sum of Rs. 50,000/- As earnest money the full value of which is to be absolutely forfeited by the society or his successors if office,  without prejudice to any other rights or remedies by  the said society or his successors in office, should I/we fails to commence the work specified  in the above memorandum ,of should . I/we not deposit the full amount of security deposit specified in the above memorandum in accordance with clause 1 of the said condition of contract, the said sum of Rs. 50,000-00 shall be retained by society on account of security deposit as aforesaid .   --------------------------------------- Signature of witness to Before Date ------------------ day of ----------------- Address of witness ------------ Occupation of the witness --------------- ------------------------------------------- Signature of the contractor submission or Tender Dated the ------------- day of -------------   Jawaharlal Nehru Sahakari Agicultrual Produce Processing Society Ltd. Khargone   Sugar Mill unit Sarvar Devla Dist. Khargone (M.P.) Schedule of item for Construction of Boundary Wall       S.N. Description Unit Qty.   1 S.O.R. Item No. 15.33 Dismantling barbed wire or flexible wire rope in fencing including making rolls and stacking within kg. 590.94   2 50 metres lead. S.O.R. Item. No. 15.31.1 Dismantling and stacking within 50 metres lead. fencing posts or struts including all earth work and  dismantling of concrete etc. in base of. T' or L' iron or pipe each 325.00   3 S.O.R. Item No. 2.8 Earth work in excavation by mechanical means (Hydraulic Excavator) manual means in foundation trenchs or drains (not exceeding 1.5 m in width or 10 sqm on plan) including dressing of sides and ramming of bottoms, lift upto 1.5 m, including getting out the excavated soil and disposal of surplus excavated soil as directed, within a lead of 50 m, (No extra lift is payable if work is done by mechanical means) All kinds of soil. cum 38.80   4 S..O.R. No. 2.9.1 Excavation work by mechaical means (Hydraulic excavator)/ manual means in foundation trenches or drains not exceeding 1.5 m in width or 10 sqm on plan including dressing of sides and ramming of bottoms lift upto 1.5 m, including getting out the excavated soil and disposal of surplus excavated soils as directed, within a lead of 50m. Ordinary rock cum 106.92   5 S.O.R. No. 2.33 Making bore holes for providing dowel bars at designed depth in rock foundation by drilling 40 mm dia bore hole in rock including necessary bending hooking, in position and grouting with cement slurry etc. complete as per drawing and specification. (Steel to be paid separately) metre 84.00   6 S.O.R. Item No. Proding and laying in position cement concrete of specified grade excluding the cost of centering and shuttering - All work up to plinth level With 40mm nominal size graded stone aggregate. Nominal Mix- 1 Cement : 4 sand : 8 graded stone aggregate (M 7.5)  cum 19.44   7 S.O.R. Item No. 5.1.1 Proding and laying in position specified grade of reinforced cement concrete (with 20mm nominal size graded stone aggregate) excluding the cost of centering, shuttering, finishing and reinforcement - All work up to plinth level Cum 80.64   8 S.O.R. Item No. 5.2.1  reinforced cement concrete (with 20mm nominal  size graded stone aggregate) in walls (any thick- ness), including attached pilasters, buttresses,  plinth and string courses, fillets, columns, pillars, posts and struts etc. above plinth level and up to floor two level excluding cost of centering, shuttering, finishing and reinforcement. M20 - Grade Concrete   Cum 14.40 9 S.O.R. Item No. 5.2.2 reinforced cement concrete (with 20mm nominal size graded stone aggregate) in walls (any thick- ness), including attached pilasters, buttresses, plinth and string courses, fillets, columns, pillars, posts and struts etc. above plinth level and up to floor two level excluding cost of centering,  shuttering, finishing and reinforcement. M15 - Grade Concrete Cum 14.00 10 S.O.R. Item No. 5.16.6 Reinforcement for R.C.C. work including straightening cutting, Bending, placing in position and binding  including cost of binding wire up to floor two level including all wastage etc. complete.Thermo Mechanically Treated bars (TMT) cum 9596.99 11 S.O.R. Item No. 5.9.1 Centering and shuttering including struitting, propping etc. and removal of form for.  Foundation footings, bases of columns, etc. for concrete up to plinth level sqm 718.08 12 S.O.R. Item No. 5.9.6 Columns, Pillars, Piers, Abutuments, Posts and Struts sqm 288.00 13 S.O.R. Item No. 5.9.21 Lintels, beams, columns, girders, bressumers and cantilevers with water proof ply 12mm thick (item to be executed with prior permission of S.E. in case of B & R works and from Additional Project Director in case of PIU works) sqm 140.00 14 S.O.R. Item No. 6.5.2 Brick work with well brunt open bhatta, bricks, crushing strength not less than 25kg/sqcm and water absorpt ion not more than 20% in foundation and plinth i/c curing etc. complete.Cement Mortar 1:6 (1 cement : 6 sand) cum 13.10 15 S.O.R. Item No. 6.62  Brick work with well brunt open bhatta, bricks, crushing strength not less than 25kg/sqcm and water absorpt ion not more than 20% in superstructure above plinth level and up to floor two level i/c curing etc complete. Cement Mortar 1:6 (1 cement : 6 sand) cum 196.56 16 S.O.R. Item No. 13.1.2 12 mm cement plaster of mix 1:6            ( 1 cement : 6 sand) sqm 1470.00 17 S.O.R. Item No. 13.2.2 15 mm cement plaster on the rough side of single or half brick wall of mix. 1:6 (1 cement : 6 sand) sqm 1330.00 18 S.O.R. Item No. 13.53.1  Finishing walls with water proofing cement paint of required shade New work (Two or more coats applied @ 3.84 kg/10 sqm) sqm 2800.00 19 Crushing Season material requirement http://www.jawaharcorp.com/blog/crushing-season-material-requirement_6260.htm Wed, 12 Oct 2016 16:36:31 +0530 SUGAR BAG CANE HANDLING LABOUR WORK TRACTOR TENDER FORM 2016-17 http://www.jawaharcorp.com/blog/sugar-bag-cane-handling-labour-work-tractor-tender-form-2016-17_6263.htm Fri, 14 Oct 2016 16:57:37 +0530 Jawaharlal Nehru Sahakari Agricultural produce Processing Soci.Ltd., Sugar Unit, Sarvar Deola,Khargone Email jln_sugar@rediffmail.com SUGAR BAGS HANDLING , SUGAR HOUSE WORK TENDER FORM FOR YEAR 2016-17           S.NO. Description of Items izfr cksjk ¼njsa izfr cksjk :0½   dz- fooj.k         1 'kDdj cksjk dh xBku  fu/kkZfjr LFkku rd  ys tkuk NkaVuk rFkk fjtsDVsM+ cksjks dks LVksj rd igqpkuk]LVsfUly  yxkuk ] cksjs esa  'kDdj  Hkjuk]flykbZ djuk  ,o lQkbZz djuk] ¼rqykbZ O;oLFkk dkj[kkus }kjk dh tkosxh½   50 fdxzk       2 'kDdj mRiknu ds le; xzsMj ds lwV ess yxh QVh cksjh dks gVkdj gkQfjax djus dk dk;Z   50 fdxzk     SUGAR BAGS HANDLING , SUGAR HOUSE WORK TENDER CONDITIONS  mijksDr of.kZr leLr dk;Z ¼czkmu 'kqxj esfYVax½ dks NksMdj ,d gh Bsdsnkj dks fn;s tk;saxs A 1-     VsaMj QkeZ@nj Ik= ds lkFk dk;Z dk vuqHko izek.k Ik= Hkh layXu djsa A 2-     Bsdsnkj ds }kjk yxk;s x;s Jfedksa dh Je fu;ekuqlkj vk;q 18 o"kZ ls de ugha gksuh pkfg, A 3-     VsaMj QkeZ@nj Ik= ds lkFk jkf’k :- 5000 vekur jkf’k ds :Ik esa tek djuk vko’;d gsS A fcuk vekur jkf’k ds VsaMj ekU; ugh gksxk A vekur jkf’k dk;Zvof/k lekfIr ds mijkar gh okil dh tkosxh A rFkk ;fn dkaVz~sDVj vuqca/k dk mYya?ku dj dk;Z chp esa NksM nsark gS rks laLFkk dks vekur jkf’k ,oa tek flD;wfjVh jkf’k tIr djus dk vf/kdkj jgsxk A 4-     dk;Z fcy dk Hkqxrku dk Hkqxrku ikf{kd ¼1 ls 15 rd dk 18 dks ,oa 16 ls var rd dk vxys ekg dh 5 rkjh[k dks ½ gksxk A izR;sd fcy es ls 10 izfr’kr jkf’k dkVdj vkids [kkrs esa tek dh tkosxh A bl izdkj ls dkVh xbZ jkf’k dk Hkqxrku dk;Zvof/k lekIrh ds mijkar fu;ekuqlkj okil dh tkosxh A 5-     fcy ls vk;dj ,oa vU; 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